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 "We have spent more money developing the means to destroy all life on the planet than it would have cost to preserve it."

- Executive Producer of Surviving Extinction

Earth is the only known source of life in the universe. Rich and diverse, earth is a complex world of delicate balances and dynamic cycles. Because of this constant evolution, 99% of all species that have inhabited earth are now extinct. For human life, earth provides us with everything we need to survive and thrive. However, with the strain of overpopulation, pollution and uncontrolled development - how long will our fragile ecosystem be able to support life? Science has taught us a great deal about our planet's past. Through science, technology and enguiniety, we have the power to ensure our place in it’s future. So join us in a place where predicting the future is as simple as meeting the amazing individuals and companies that are creating that very future. Explore the future of technology as new ways are developed to address man kind’s greatest challenge: global climate change. Discover the innovations that will not only safe guard our continued existence but will provide a better life for us today and for generations to come. 



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