The future is green, the future is now.

Surviving Extinction is a cutting edge television series designed to educate & inform the audience on the efforts being made by businesses, organizations, and individuals around the world to save and improve our fragile environment. On each episode, we'll explore the various breakthroughs and innovations designed to help the world overcome the fundamental challenges it faces today. Global climate change is leading to coastal flooding, increased occurrences of natural disasters and storms, such as wild fires, floods, and world wide pandemics. We will be showcasing the real people, companies, and organizations that are making a difference in improving our world.

If we don't save our planet, who will?


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hosted by

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez, the host of NBC's Access Hollywood, is rated as the #1 lead television host in America. Mario will be taking the audience on this epic journey on every episode of Surviving Extinction. 

Mario began his illustrious career on the sitcom Saved By the Bell. His career has blossomed in recent years as he's moved from Extra to Access Hollywood, he hosts the critically acclaimed Food Quest series with his wife Courtney, and has most recently produced & starred in the Netflix series The Ever Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

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